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You asked for a critique you shall shall receive! Keep in mind I'm not sure what your ultimate target is, but I'll tell you according to what I've noticed first glance.

First of all, that flashlight is on point. I love that flashlight. The way that the head glows is amazing. I am so proud. Anyways, onto the review!

Totally forgot their names so I'll say "guy, girl and ghost". I love the posture of the guy, he's really well grounded and his pose says "This is boring, ghosts exists, and I'm here only as a supporter". Great, love it. The girl however is a bit different. I understand that she's supposed to be scared and frightened and that does make it apparent through her stance. Her legs though, I think the thigh on the left is smaller than the one of the right. Her left knee looks like it's going to snap because that's where all of her weight is. I'd twist her left foot towards that guy since she's scared and wants to be near him. Like she's only opening herself up to him because she's terrified. I'd almost make both of her knees bent to show she's really terrified. Her hands are bitchin'. Love the way you do hands. Hnnnngggg.

I'm not sure how the guy's haircut is supposed to be, but his head is very square. Specifically the back of his head where there is no red. It looks like it's supposed to be shaved, which in that case, the back of his head would be a tad smaller. The back of his head should actually be near his ear there, since's she's still facing towards the viewer.

Ghost girl! Love her attitude and her face. She's all like, "lol hai guyz". Which is fantastic, because I can read everyone's face so the story can be read through their faces. The one thing that kind of feel off about her is her glow. I can see snippets of the furniture she's on based off of her glow. I can see the glow on the guy and a little bit on the scared girl. Because of this, is seems like the scared girl isn't a main character in this piece. Because we (the viewers) can see the glow on her and she can't see the ghost (whereas the viewer can). I'm wondering if it would look slightly more fitting if the glow on the people wasn't there, but still on the furniture. Not sure, hmm. I'd also go in ever so slightly on the ghost's waist area and give her a couple clothing folds there. The dress seems somewhat too...playdoh-y

The background! Love the background, that door is pure gold. Like, I want that door now. And the wallpaper and frame. Hnnnggg. That being said, what doesn't make too much sense is how are the characters so well lit but the background isn't. Where is that light source coming from? I'm toggling between full and half brightness on my screen and I can't see any of the furniture. I know it's not a main part of the piece but I think based off how brightly light the characters/background behind them are, maybe the furniture should be too. Maybe a greyish color so that they're not the main piece, but you can still see. Now that I see more into this pic, there's no ghost glow on the curtain next to ghost girl. If that glow could reach the scared girl than it could reach those curtains. Ya, I'd def make the furniture lighter. It's draining away the magic that's happening in the center of this piece. And the door is also illuminated, which makes me feel the rest of the background should be slightly lit too. It's messing with my eyes.

Other than that, hellaaaa!! (not going to add stars because I don't rate critiques using stars lol cuz girl, you are a star). Aw faq it's making me add stars. Uhh, don't judge.


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MiniAliceSuperstar Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Student Filmographer
I don't if I haven't told you before, but your art is really cool! I love your gallery, specially the South Park and Ed, Edd n Eddy art!  You draw Double D with blond hair, he looks great with it. x3

Do you take art trades by any chance? Sweating Bullets, Double D?  If not, it's okay.  :)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! 
Miimochi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
As you can see, I'm barely on here anymore haha (sorry for the late reply).
I wish I had time to do art trades but unfortunately I can't. boo.

Thank you so much for the comment!! Hopefully in the near future I will be able to do some more South Park and EEnE stuff. :)
MiniAliceSuperstar Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Student Filmographer
It's okay. And you're welcome! Your art is awesome. :D
Yukarin-sama Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016
You're really talented! Love your drawings!
Miimochi Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
Thank you!~
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