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deviation in storage by student-yuuto
deviation in storage by student-yuuto



D-12 by Miimochi

Brother: D-13
Cousin: F-2


This character's time period takes place years after a doomsday related event occurred.
A large object hit the earth which sent dust into the atmosphere causing several years of artificial winter.
This killed off several species including a majority of humans. However, some species like insects became larger
(due to increase of oxygen from trees that began to grow over city, town areas).
There are biospheres scattered around the world consisting of a few number of people/families living in them.
In order to survive, these biospheres have plants and animals which provides for food and medicine.

However the people that live in these biospheres are consuming the available resources too quickly.
This forces a group of young and healthy individuals to search for other biospheres or possible medication/food.
These individuals are called SCC (Seek, Collect, and Capture). Aka: Scorpions

People's names are also changed to a letter and number combination in order for doctors/ health providers to keep track
of who came from what family (avoid inbreeding/ family history of genetic problems), as well as keeping track of specific
illnesses that need specific medication. 

D-12 is one of the couple of characters I've created. She's pretty cool yo.
Will update more characters!

[I might go back and edit a couple things later]
Vonte Skinner by Miimochi
Vonte Skinner
Vonte Skinner
Editorial Illustration
"Should rap lyrics be used as evidence in court?"


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